What To Do When A Woman You Love Is Playing Hard To Get

Sometimes women can be of this nature. It depends on the situation and your follow up towards her. Some men find a true love in a woman which they’re ready to build a strong relationship with her but she may start acting different against your wish.

We should understand that best relationship isn’t forced. When both love don’t exist among each other, then they should be an understanding that both are not meant to be together. Sometimes when a woman snubs a him or become ignorant, it doesn’t really mean she don’t wants the relationship.

Lets see the possible reasons why women play hard

It Could Be Based On Choice

When we take a deep understanding about women, you discover that many of them have a deep taste of the kind of guy they want in a relationship and sometimes they have a set of inviolable principles they live by and they believe to work towards that principle. Let me give an instance; A lady who feels needs to get married within a short space in any relationship may wish to date a guy maybe much older (Commonly preferred by Africans women), having a good and stable job and could take care of her. She may not care about dating a guy who is handsome, have a good educational background or have made other personal achievement because her choice of interest.

She may no longer be interested

It does’t really make sense chasing after a woman who don’t like you. No matter what powers her interest up, the chances of having a long lasting relationship is slim.

Level of Understanding

Understanding matters a lot, not just in a relationship but even among people. Men really need to know what she likes and dislike, what might make her get upset or sometimes religion and culture differences may be one aspect too. When a guys understands the personal life of a girl he loves, He can easily figure out ways to get her love and attention.

Past Love Experience

This is another major reason woman play hard. When a woman falls into a wrong relationship and had breakup, she will never want to fall into the hands of a wrong man again. Definitely, if she would like to be in another relationship, she will be careful of the kind of guy she choose to be with.

Now we have seen some major reasons that could make a woman play hard.. Knowing fully well where your category falls, you can easily figure a decision if to follow her along or to quit.

When you discover little interest from her but still having doubt if she is interested in a relationship or not, then you can give her a chance. What you do is to understand her personal reasons behind her ignorance so lets see the 6 steps below to follow:

  1. ¬†First is studying her behavior towards you, towards her peers and family members. Most cases she goes well along with her friends. This could give you an insight about what she really wants, her interest and what attracts her the most. Her friends is the most important side of attraction because if she can’t consider you as a friend, she cant be attracted to you. Know what keeps her going along with her friends. Also her family might be of another case study. You have to know more about her family background and how she’s treated at home. This will give you a guide also to know more about her and the way to relate with her.
  2. Secondly, you can talk to her friends and ask some questions about her. Her friends can know more about her because she can easily reveled some personal challenges, her achievements and her other personal life matters to her friends than to anyone else. But you should note that her close friends might not reveal her secrets to you just on a meet. You first have to make friends too with anyone of them and be sincere and plain in reveling to them your interest in dating their friend. This really can help because their friend(s) can give an advice on a way to follow her up, can reveal her interest or maybe her dos and don’t. Lets take for instance, if she had breakup recently, her friends can reveal the reasons behind it and possible ways you can match in as the next man in her life.
  3. Now you might have an idea about her. So you can give it another try and follow her up again, but this time using a different strategy like maybe asking her out for lunch or to watch a movie, buying her gifts or flowers, supporting her work or something similar that can get her attention towards you. Her friends can also be in support and might guide you too.
  4. If it still doesn’t work, then you should understand that you might not be the guy of her choice.
  5. Now you can talk to her in person if you wish. Tell her about your feelings and try ask her questions directly on the reasons for her actions. Sometimes you might not judge directly about someone’s behavior that’s why you need to hear directly from her. This can help decide her faith if she’s interested in a relationship with you or not.
  6. If she doesn’t like you or she’s not interested in a relationship with you then there is no need to keep your interest. You can always find another woman who could be of interest and would love you. Not everyone is meant to be together and like i said earlier, any forced attempt to change her mindset towards having feeling, such relationship will never last long. You mustn’t date her, you both could still be good friends. So the choice is yours.

Naturally, Woman don’t actually play hard to get but in some cases where things goes different, they could be reasons behind such. So we now know the possible reasons and some steps to take if you’re having such challenges getting the interest of a woman

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