The Real Enemies of Nigeria

An enemy is anything or anyone that harms something or prevents it from becoming successful. The most dangerous kind of enemy is those who disguise as friend. However, it takes those that can differentiate between appearance and reality to understand when one is a friendly enemy.

Nigeria as a state is faced with different kinds of enemies who successfully divert the attention of the populace towards seeing some other set of people as enemies whereas they are the real enemies.

The enemy of Nigeria is those individuals and groups that there action and inactions are preventing Nigeria from working as a “nation”; thus, giving rise to “national questions” (issues that threatens the survival of a state).

Those “conflict entrepreneurs” (investors and beneficiaries of conflict) who have turned banditry into an industry where investors cash out regularly are the major antagonists of Nigeria.

The security operatives who derive pleasure in extorting, harassing, unlawfully detaining and even killing innocent citizens they swore to protect are the real enemies of Nigeria.

Those politicians that will do nothing while in government but later disguise as comrades and activists after losing their seats are the actual foe of Nigeria.
Those opposition political parties that ought to serve as pressure group in keeping the ruling party on their toes but end up showing less concern when issues are about governance but won’t hesitate to show how patriotic they claim to be when it comes to political matters (power struggle) are the real enemies of Nigeria.

That government that celebrates terrorists by giving them special treatment as well as sending them back to the society after being captured; thus endangering the lives of relentless soldiers together with that of law abiding citizens are consciously or unconsciously turning Nigeria into a war zone of which is an attribute of an enemy.

Those public office holders who siphons public fund and convert it to their private properties are the real back friends of Nigeria.
The authentic enemies of Nigeria are those Nigerians who sees governance as an ascribed status divinely meant for them alone, hence killing the spirit of nationhood.

Those traders that see festive periods as the best time to inflate price of goods in the market even without buying at a higher cost are the true enemies of Nigeria.

The real enemies of Nigeria are those “citizen journalists” (unprofessional media personals) and media outlets that spread falsehood which ends up creating hostility among individuals and groups in the country.

The enemy of Nigeria are those lecturers that engage in “sorting” (bribery) and sexual inducement to pass students, thus, failing those that refuses to dance to their tune.
Those students that engage in examination malpractice in order to manipulate there way to acquiring a deceptive certification are the dangerous enemies of Nigeria.

Those government officials that wants to suppress freedom of speech and expression by tagging it hate speech are the apparent enemies of Nigeria.
The obvious nemeses of Nigeria are those leaders that neglect federal character in a nation that claims to be a federation, thereby, making some segment to feel marginalized.

The biggest enemy of Nigeria is that government that keeps borrowing Nigeria into slavery without ingeniously liaising means through which Nigeria could be free from debt.
When praying against the enemies of Nigeria, try having a reflective thinking to know if you are one.

The enemies of Nigeria are NOT those peacefully protesting to EndSars, clamoring for restructuring, agitating for revolution, perturbing for Biafra or Oduduwa republic, calling for an end to insecurity and ASSU strike BUT rather those that have given them the reasons to do so.
The aforementioned categories of people have been portrayed by the ruling class as the real enemies of Nigeria because they are challenging the existing status quo that is apparently retrogressive.
The focus shouldn’t be on the reactions but on the actions that led to the reaction, because if there was no action, there won’t be any room for reactions.

Notwithstanding, if Nigeria must flourish, then, the confrontation must be to the camp of the real enemies; else, Nigeria will progressively diminish.

the author
I'm a public affairs analyst. Currently studying political science at Bayero University, Kano. A radio presenter at BUKFM, Kano. I believe in hardwork and self development.

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  • I completely agree with you. when we hear enemies, we ought them to be far, not recognizing they are within us, smiling to our faces and turn ugly devils at our backs.
    I firmly believe, “the beginning of wisdom is when you are able to differentiate between your friends and enemies .
    This is exactly was Nigeria still don’t understand.

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