Read This Before Getting Divorced With Your Partner

Marriage is one of the end point in a relationship and it brings about a deep understanding between both partners as they get to live together. So i can say, a relationship stage between both partners is one of the most enjoyable state because partners may then have a more center focus on their love and care for each other but after marriage, may begin to have a slight changes in their love compared to when dating in the past.

Its easy to find a love partner and get married but its not easy to find a lasting partner to be with. So it possible to be in a good relationship with your partner, get married and later on after marriage may decide to breakup because things no longer work out well among yourselves. So mistakes of getting married to the wrong person is one of the worst mistakes that could lead to great regrets.

Every broken home happens for some reasons. Mistakes of a wrong partner might not easily be sensed before marriage and this will lead to later regret for choosing such partner. Lets see some reason for for the cause of broken home.

1. Parental Counsel: This is one common mistake that break homes. They’re some marriage that just happen based on parent advice to the partner. They may get engaged because of what they hear about their partner and thus, may end up with regret after they get married.

Most African parents force their children especially their daughters into getting married to someone they really don’t know. The reasons could be because of their personal interest, religion, or tradition. This is really a wrong way of decision.

Parents are meant to guide and support but not in taking marriage decisions for their children as it may lead to many problems later in future. Parent cares more but might not really know what’s best for their children. That’s why based on marriage, you should choose a partner that suits your heart.

2. Lack of Respect and Love: When the love and respect for each dies later on after marriage, this could lead to breakup. Romantic love goes up and down on its own little roller coaster. It sometimes takes a vacation, but it can come back if the couple is working at rebuilding what they once had.

3. Lack of Understanding: People are of different lifestyle and when working together, they should be mutual understanding among themselves.

Also in marriage, both need to understand each other way of life too in order for the marriage to be firm and avoid making mistakes. Take for example, when your partners are not of the same religion, one has to adopt to the others religious life to create a mutual understanding among yourselves. Even in your way of life, you may grow up having a particular likes or dislikes for your partner and understanding such will help in how you relate with each other.

4. Financial Challenge: Some marriage starts well but might not last long because of financial issues.  Maybe because of loss of job or increment in prices of family needs.

Most couples who cannot endure facing financial challenges may not live happy with each other.  Money do solve a lot of thing, including building a happy home as well. Everyday cannot be just for love, couples may need a good house, wear nice cloths, going on vacation, taking care of children’s need and even affording a good school for them, paying utility bills and other necessary bills when due and a lot more which requires money.

When such hardly come in place and both couples tried making efforts, some couple who can’t endure enough might quit the marriage.

Is Divorce Really The Best Option?

Divorce is not a good idea and shouldn’t be a best option. Though, it sorely depends on the reasons that led to divorce which you can justify clearly that both you and your spouse can no longer have a life together again. Divorce starts from a broken home, and though they are so many reason for broken home outside the ones mentioned above.

Lets get back to where is all started. Th Proposal, followed by The Wedding. That is the best joyous celebration you had and you could imagine then a kind a future you want to build up with your spouse. Later on things goes wrong and now wants divorce. Do you ever think you can make plans for another better marriage when you can fix the problem of this initial?

As far as humans are concerned, no one can live a perfect life, we all make mistakes and do wrongs too. Because they have been a lot of wrong happening in your marriage make you decide to quit without taking appropriate steps to see how you can make thing right then no matter what, even after divorce, you might end up making same mistakes if getting another spouse.

So marriage is the combination of two imperfect people. If you believe you too can also make mistakes, why not give reconciliation a chance. Join hands with your partner both in a submissive way to bring about reconciliation among yourselves. If this can really happen, definitely you will be in a happy marriage with your spouse.

But when efforts to reconcile is abortive, then you can choose to divorce.

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