Mistakes We Make At Our Early 20s That We Can Regret Later On

Most youth at their early stage of life don’t act in a systematic way because most of them focus more on temporary benefits without considering the future consequences of their actions.  When a youth get to enjoy some certain benefits or privileges they act now, later on above their 40s, they may live to regret having making such actions in the past.

It better on working to improve your youth life for good in order to avoid making mistakes that could lead to regrets. These are the 7 basic and common mistakes we make:

1. Not Taking Good Care of Your Health: Health is one basic thing you should consider at your early 20s. when people at their early 20s don’t take proper care of themselves, they may end up having a 40s look in their early youth age. Like its said, health is wealth. Taking proper care of your health, may determine how long you can survive this world.

Lets see some basic personal care you need to do frequently to stay healthy:

  • Frequent Exercise
  • Eating good food
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Sleep 8 hours every night
  • Always go for medical check

2. Listening To Parents: You might actually be thinking, how can listening to parents be a mistake that could affect your future life negatively?. We all know parents wants the best for you and wish to see you achieve your dreams, but the problem is that they don’t  really know what’s best for you.

Parental support is one of the greatest support you can get outside anyone else, but when such support doesn’t tally with what you want for yourself, you might end up loosing a lot and might make a fresh start. For example: If one at his early 20s have a talent of singing and wish to build his career as a musician starting from higher institution (like studying music in the university), your parent might forbid such and will want you to go for a medical career (like been a doctor) and they’re ready to give their best support on that. Now, if eventually you graduate as medical doctor or even start working in the hospital, you might still quit your job and starting a music life afresh because that’s your passion.

I’m not trying to say you should be ignorant to your parents, but sometimes, some of their decisions are not worthy to be accepted because it might be of a negative effect to you in future. But dont forget, your parents still deserve their love.

3. Much Dependency On People: These are mostly for those who don’t have a stand on their own. They’re so much depends on people in order to take a personal decisions that can be of their benefit. This can be a great problem because later on in their 30s to 40s, because they might not make a good decision on their own due to their low experience in taking past decisions.

You must learn to help yourself and go after what you want without the approval or aid of others because that is where your true power lies. No one is coming to save you. You must learn to captain your own ship and take charge of your own destiny by engaging in activities without waiting or depending much on people.

4. Stop Setting Arbitrary Goals: You don’t need to be a millionaire or a billionaire by 30. Having high dreams at your early age without having basics to work towards it can lead to a lot of bad consequences. Living fake lives and buying expensive things to show prestigue isn’t good for you. It’s ok to be financially independent at early stage and spend your money base on what you can afford and also set goals with purpose, but don’t set your goals because that’s what society or some crazy dude on youtube wants you to do.

Success takes time, that’s why you need to work on something. Everything should not be on a high expectancy in achieving success easily. You can start from small and grow from it.

5. Don’t Get into a Serious Relationship Yet: At 20s, you don’t know yourself well enough to know who you want to spend the rest of your life with. Date around and experience plenty of different people, don’t settle down until you are closer to 30.

6. Less Academia: You need to put more efforts on academics. You can explore by taking chances of any educational opportunities that you come across. Educational knowledge are not meant to be taken for granted because later on in future, such knowledge can be useful for better life changing opportunities.

7. Avoiding To Work With People: One rule of growth in life is when you grow others. When you have something set to work on, you have to involve people to work that along with you. When they get to see benefits, It makes them dedicated to work with you and can be supportive in areas much difficult to handle.

Like its said that two heads are better than one. When you choose to work alone, you can’t have greater chances of achieving your aim compared to when involving people. Sometimes they mustn’t work with you. You might need their idea, direction or experience which you can put in place with your work to avoid mistakes.

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I am currently studying B.Sc Business Administration at Bayero University and am a guy with taste for success. My personal goal is improving lives. The right thing needs to be put in place for better a achievement, So I believe in making things right. Am a writer and a web designer. They call me Essential because of my good efforts in teamwork.

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