Doubting Whether PMI PMP Certification Is Worth Your Effort? Read On & Find Out!

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Is the PMI PMP certification beneficial for your career? Is it worth the effort in 2021? Adding the PMP international certificate under your belt will help you leverage your knowledge in project management. Also, earning this designation will prove that you developed advanced project leadership expertise and help you consolidate your position in the company. Besides, it validates your competence in working smarter and improves your performance. So, do you want to learn more about the reasons why getting the PMI PMP certification can be a wise investment in your career? Read the following paragraphs and find more about the salary expectations and positions that you can apply to with such a prominent qualification Certbolt.com.

Steps You Need to Follow to Earn PMP Credential

The candidates can obtain the PMP badge if they have a four-year degree. Also, you should have a minimum experience of 36 months leading projects and 35 hours of project management education or training. In addition, you are eligible if you have obtained the CAPM certification instead of the relevant training. Well, in case you don’t meet these conditions, you can apply for the PMP credential if you have an associate degree/high school diploma, or its equivalent. Additionally, you should have 5 years of experience leading projects. Also, the condition for having the CAPM certification or 35 hours of project management training & education remains. As to the test features, the entry fee is $405 for the members of PMI and $555 for non-members. Also, the main evaluation includes 180 questions, whose format is diverse and complex. Thus, the candidates will need to find the answer to the multiple-choice, matching, hotspot, or multiple-response inquiries Exam-labs.com.

Career Opportunities for PMP Certified Professionals

If you succeed in getting the passing score in the related PMP exam, you become an interesting candidate for recruiters. This badge represents valid proof that your skills in project management have been thoroughly verified. And once you obtain it, you can apply for well-paid positions, such as:

  • Project Management Specialist;
  • Portfolio Manager;
  • Project Management Consultant.

According to Payscale.com, the average salary that a Project Management Specialist can receive in one year is approximately $72k. Also, if you decide to become a certified Portfolio Manager, you can earn an average annual payment of $88k. Last of all, the yearly payment that a Project Management Consultant can earn is $85k, on average. Additionally, the vendor conducted a salary report among certified professionals. Thus, they reported that once candidates add the PMP credential under their belt, their relationship with the stakeholders improves, and they feel that they trust them more than in the past. Besides, their salary increases, or they receive generous bonuses as a gesture of appreciation for their efforts in getting certified. So, based on these findings, earning the PMP designation is worth trying and can be a springboard for your project management career.


The PMI PMP certification will consolidate your career in project management and open many opportunities for you. Besides, this international designation can be your visit card when you apply for well-paid positions in corporations. As a rule, recruiters trust certified professionals as they know that their skills have been thoroughly verified and they can involve them in complex projects.

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