Balance of Knowledge

Knowledge is the awareness of a particular fact or situation; a state of being informed or aware of something. And on the other hand, balance denotes the awareness of various viewpoints or matters; i.e. objectivity. So, Balance of Knowledge connotes versatility in knowledge.

In our contemporary society, acquisition of knowledge has been narrowed down in contrast to how it used to be during the early days of human civilization. Apparently, this parochialism has caused the human society number of inadequacies that has resulted to creating a huge gap between human aspirations and reality.

That you are a tongue talking, fire brand sister is not an excuse not to know how to cook. And, that you are a well-respected man of God is not an excuse not to learn simple ethics of human relations.

However, being academically or intellectually sound shouldn’t make you neglect the influence of spiritual things on human daily life. Let your knowledge not only be limited to your academic field of study. In fact, let your intelligence transcend beyond the ivory towers (school). You ought to be socially educated because majority of the things thought in the schools cannot be DIRECTLY applied to everyday life.

The fact that you are privileged shouldn’t make you lack the knowledge of humility and hospitality. Again, that you are a businessman is not an excuse to be politically ignorant. Your knowledge ought to be holistic and not lopsided. It should be balanced and cut across different segment of life.

Your knowledge acquisitions should be without boarders or restrictions because the more you know, the more you expose your ignorance and the more humble you should become. Qur’an chapter 12 verse 76 “… and over every lord of knowledge there is one more knowing”

In as much as, the more you know, the more you are troubled; it is also worth noting that, the more you know, the more you can predict and the more you are in control.

Proverbs 4: 13 “always remember what you have learnt, your education is your life, guard it well” therefore, “education” from the aforementioned shouldn’t be tapered to just western education because it entails BALANCED KNOWLEDGE.


The fact that you cannot know virtually everything shouldn’t stop you from knowing at least something about everything. You should at least know something about other ethnic, religious, and racial groups because it will enable you to understand their culture, norms and values which will help to expose some untrue beliefs and misconceptions about them; thus promoting peaceful coexistence.

You don’t have to waste your prayer points on social issues that you should ordinarily know the formula to apply in solving them. Because God will never do for you what you should do for yourself.

That you want to marry as a virgin shouldn’t stop you from being “sexually educated”.

The scientific and technological advancement the whole world is enjoying today wouldn’t have been possible if the classical as well as the contemporary philosophers hadn’t balanced their knowledge.

Conclusively, it is better late than never; so, we really need to cultivate that ancient tradition of balanced learning in other for us to meet at that desirable equilibrium between our aspiration and our reality.

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