6 Basic Business Ideas For Nigerian Student To Earn While In School

Its really difficult for a Nigerians of a higher institution currently in school to survive the hard time in school because of financial challenges they face while on studies. This is always frustrating especially for students in federal or state owned institutions because most student from those university are not from a wealthy home and all they do always is be much dependent on parents in all their needs.

The government plans and the economic system is no longer favorable especially to most Nigerian students in higher institution. Though government do create some programs for students, even awarding recurring scholarship to student with the aim to earn while been in school, but we all know government offers are always difficult to be awarded or sometimes delay in receiving. Unlike years in the past, they was free school and the basic need for students was provided. Most students then don’t stress much on financial challenge. But now, We all know the poor system from the government, that is why you need to focus on building on your own.

You hope for being too dependent on your parent? Definitely, they wont provide all but only to their ability. That is why you need to focus on some business you can undergo as a student that keeps you moving along and breaking through financial challenges easily.

These are the common business you can do:

1. Organizing a Tutorial Lesson

If you are good enough academically, this is one best option to earn even while on studies. It doesn’t require any start up capital, but the knowledge you can share to follow students.

High School Tutor Sitting At Desk With Male Student

In my school days, they normally charge N6,000 per student in taking private tutorial classes to build up other student knowledge. Students who became popular in tutorial lessons could get up to 50 to 100 students on tutor. Is such income not cool?

Student who needs tutor could be from those within your levels or below your level in school. You should focus more on student below your level because most of them believes and prefer those above their level because of their higher knowledge and understanding.

2. Learn Unskilled/Semi-skilled Work

Unskilled works is the most common way students earn in school. They get to practice and perfect a particular level of skills and starting rendering services to people for some little token. As a student wanting to engage in unskilled work (commonly known as handwork), you have to focus on the common and basic need of other fellow students or the environment within the campus.

I had a friend who learnt tailoring before gaining admission with me. He is studying Agriculture as a career course.  Later on in school, he discovered the high demand for lab coat from fellow course mates in running their school projects. A coat costs N2,000 and he calculated if sowing and selling for N1,500 for fellow students, he can make profit from N500. So he give it a trial, and boom, students from other departments who use lab coats for other projects started demanding from the tailor because of the cheap price of the lab coat. That’s how he made cool income even while at  school.

There are other basic unskilled and semi-skilled works you can do and make cool cash in school. Like Shoe/slippers making, Phone repairs, barbing/hair platting, photographer, bids making etc.

3. Starting Up A Self Owned Business

Self owned business is one best idea too. You can own a little store or acquire some little space within areas on sight that could lead to sales. The kind of business to setup should be related to fellow student needs so as to have more patronage because of the environment.

Business of such may include:

  • Cyber Cafe
  • Bookshop
  • Photocopying Job
  • Video game Centers
  • Football viewing centers
  • P.O.S (Money transfer or withdrawal)
  • Restaurant/Fast food/Snacks Shop etc.

They are many more ideas of self owned businesses you can engage in, but one thing you should note is that the business idea you decided to engage in should be something much demanding in the environment you wish to start up with.

4. Invest in Digital Marketing

This is when you engage sales of product online. Most best method used in sales is social media. It can help to display goods which are available for sale to your wide range of friends and social media followers.

The idea behind this is that you mustn’t own the goods you sell directly. You can collaborate with other store owners to help sell their stocks online, thus, taking pictures of samples you can display online for interested buyers.

One advantage of social media is that it can cover wide range of areas even beyond your school environment. You can decide to make sales within or across the states too. The only thing needed are people who can patronize your product regularly.

5. Work as an Employee

This is a dependent option. The only thing you do is to look for job opportunities within the school environment where you can be employed. When you get a job, you’re being remunerated on salary basis either monthly, weekly or daily.

This option is also a good earning practice but not recommendable because most salary paying jobs within the school environment pays less. That is to say, if you can’t suit in any of the four above options, you can choose to find a job as a better alternative.

Above all, one thing I will always advice is to avoid choosing a business plan that you cannot handle along with your academics. The major purpose is to be in school, graduate and have your certificate. If your business idea can’t suit along with your academics, its advisable to change such business to something else that you can handle and still have comfort in your studies.

Thanks for reading. You can share this if your impacted.

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